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2012-02-28 15:14:33 by Urugurn

Newgrounds, how I have missed you. It's been literally years since I uploaded, posted, etc. ANYTHINGhere.
Looking back at the stuff I uploaded back in the days, man, honestly it makes me feel kinda ashamed of myself :p.
Now, I know, this page will most likely not even get any views, but in case it does, I'm planning on getting back out there.

My music-making (Let's just say) "skills" are still as horrible as ever but I have been working on my Photoshop experience. I'll upload works I make that turned out decently. Apart from that, heck who knows, I might start doing voice-acting.

We'll just have to wait and see.

Have a nice day all.
Hope to get some stuff out there soon.


2010-01-09 05:29:33 by Urugurn

Hey all, if anyone feels like checking out some of my youtube vid's, Here's my account



2009-07-24 04:43:05 by Urugurn

Hey everyone, tommorow i will be going on VACATION. (To Italy, if you must know)
So, for the coming 10 days, I won't be able to participate in any voice-acting, sorry.
Have a good day, all and your welcome to send any PM's but i ownt answer em till im back (durrr)



New drawing

2009-07-01 13:32:09 by Urugurn

If anyone here has an idea for a drawing i could make, put it in the comments here



2009-06-21 09:54:11 by Urugurn

if you want to, go check out my drawings
They are both manga + Chibi (Just a heads-up for the manga haters)

Drawing 1 + 2+ ...

Don't forget to rate / comment where ya go

If you have any tips, please share em with meh (still kinda nubbeh in art)


2009-05-24 14:04:00 by Urugurn

Since last week, i started as a voice-actor!
So if anyone needs one, leave a comment!

Song number 3

2009-05-22 01:23:15 by Urugurn

Hey all, I just finished song numner 3.
I tried a little bit of different techniques here, but it seems the song kinda backfired.
low score : / Well, go ahead and listen, but i doubt it will do any good, -__-

Gameboy meltdown

Well, cya

BUT! I canĀ“t let you guys go without another LOL picture!

srry, all amy winehouse fans ^^

Song number 3

Even more FAIL

2009-05-03 12:54:21 by Urugurn

The titel says it all.
I could not stop laughin and thought, why not share it with NG

Even more FAIL


2009-05-03 12:47:26 by Urugurn

I have submitted 2 very short trance songs some time ago, and i gotta say it worked out decently good (for a first try)

Neonbeat (song 1)

Trance'd up! (song 2)

If youre gonna listen, be so kind to rate and maybe even drop in a review


(Including FAIL picture! OMG)



2009-03-01 10:41:10 by Urugurn

Hey people, i got nothin to do so i just made a random post.Just so everybody knows, this is Vash The Stampede from the anime series TRIGUN !

(feel free to comment, ^^ )